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Our Mission

To be the best value provider of machinery for converting flexible packaging by supplying cost effective equipment that delivers superior productivity and user-friendly operation with safe, reliable and predictable functionality

Challenging the



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Our Company

GN Packaging enjoys a solid worldwide reputation as a superior designer and manufacturer of machines that can produce liquid bags, IBC bags, side-gusset bags, standup pouches, and vacuum packed meat and cheese pouches, packing-list and security envelopes; co-extruded plastics or Kraft-paper bubble wrap envelopes, and sterilized medical pouches.

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Engineering and Technical Capability

GN Packaging  is one of the world’s known designer and manufacturer of plastic bag and pouch making machines. GN is well known for their custom engineering capability which enables the Company to meet any need of the customer, be it a conventional request or a call for a specialty product. The company is constantly investing their resources in the ongoing development/refinement of their plastic bag and pouch equipment product lines to maintain the competitive edge and the quality of product that GN’s reputation is synonymous with. We also address our specific customer requests.

Key Challenges

To be price competitive in the global market and to understand trends that are driving the technical demands of tomorrow, along with knowing how design a machine that meets current market needs.

Our LEAN strategy is founded upon the following core principles:

Learning and knowledge will be the cornerstones of our competitiveness

Embrace change as an enabler to continued growth and development

Aspire to exceed what is expected

Never tolerate mediocrity

Service Office - China - Canada - Poland 

Design in Canada

Manufactured in China

Sales Office - China - Canada - Poland

Providing a Complete Suite of Converting Machines

GN Packaging - Machinery  - Technology

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