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Being average is not an option for companies earning their daily bread in today’s fiercely competitive global market for packaging machinery; luckily, GN Packaging isn’t your average manufacturer.


With classic, out-of-the-garage beginnings, the company traces its roots back to 1960. GN Packaging Machinery has never been the type to play it safe; the company co-founders’ entrepreneurial drive constantly pushed the limits of existing technologies in order to build better, faster, more efficient and less expensive machines.


The management of today is a bunch of very creative guys with a clear vision of what technology is possible and the will to make it happen; if it doesn’t exist, well, they invent one.

Take for example a patent with Advanced Technology Materials Inc. for a new method of manufacturing generally cylindrical three-dimensional conformal liners for the use of ultrapure liquids, such as acids, solvents, bases, photoresists, slurries, cleaning formulations, dopants, inorganic, organic, metalorganic and biological solutions, pharmaceuticals and radioactive chemicals.


After many years of building hundreds of custom-engineered, application-tailored, one-of-a-kind machines, according to Jack , the company has recently undertaken a new strategic direction by introducing some standard machine models and custom-ready machine templates.


GN Packaging Machinery intends to be your one supplier of machines for the manufacturing of flexible packaging for liquids — starting from BIB to IBC, converting 3-D liners to liners out of  Teflon to single-layer, gamma-stable fluoropolymer films

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“We were known internationally as a manufacturer of robust, reliable machines that converted rolls of film and paper into pouches and envelopes, but we felt we could do a better job of communicating to our customers what we could do for them,”


“Class 100 clean rooms, which are often used in the medical or pharmaceutical industries. Machinery must not use materials that could generate particulates that could contaminate the customer’s product, and must be easy to keep clean and sterile. GN is a leading manufacturer of machinery for medical pouches and liquid packaging for such extreme conditions.” Mike

Intermediate Bulk Containers or IBC’s, used to contain bulk liquids for shipment in crates or shipping containers. These can be as large as 1,400 Liters. The heat sealed joints of the bag must withstand enormous stresses from the weight of the product inside - which usually is over a ton “


Providing a Complete Suite of Converting Machines

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